Increase Your Website’s Sales ConversionRate       

  Boost the Conversion Rate of Other Online Channels

How does help you? The software will:

Achieve Higher Performance with Smaller Marketing Budget

Your sales conversion rate is a key factor to examine if you want a decent return on investment from your online marketing campaign. provides a solution proven to increase conversion rates on average from 5% to 35%.

The two main areas where we can help your business are:

A) Your web conversion rate      
B) Your conversion rate from your other main online advertising channels
Your ability to convert traffic into sales is vital to growing your business. Here at, we understand which factors increase sales and conversion rates. One of the most crucial points is client trust.
Building that trust is especially important with new web visitors who found you from your advertising efforts. They want to have some security that you are a genuine seller or service provider. That’s where we come in.
     displays a customisable widget and a testimonials page at your website, complete with a verification seal. We only display positive customer reviews. That means that your new visitors learn what great feedback your previous customers have about you. Talk about instilling confidence in them!

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