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Customer Review for Neuromuscular Therapy 70% Verified

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Rating 100%

Jul 18, 2014 at 03:13:22

Review from: Kevin Gleason

I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

I am a very physically active male, 62 years old and have been seeing Antoinette for several years. The best way to describe my experience with her is to relate this story. I was fly fishing in Montana for a week and returned to Atlanta with an ache in my shoulder. I could barely lift my right arm. No strength, no mobility…….. could not lift my hands high enough to wash my face or brush my teeth. I assumed it was from casting a fly fishing line for a week so I went to see my doctor who indicated it needed to be x-rayed. After the x-ray, the diagnoses was not clear as to the cause and PT was recommended. The problem persisted and was increasingly painful so my next step was an orthopedic who indicated I could have a bulging disc and recommended an MRI. I knew that if it was a disc problem, surgery would be next and in an effort to avoid that alternative, I found a doctor who was known for treating this type of disorder non surgically. His treatment involved putting sugar on the tips of needles and inflaming the shoulder area causing it to rehab itself naturally. The cost was in the thousands and it would take over two months of treatment. On Saturday of that same week, the pain was so severe I called Antoinette and even though she was closed, invited me to come over for to discuss the problem. Within five minutes, she indicated she understood the problem and could fix it. Obviously I was shocked by her response and asked her why she sounded so confident. Her answer was simple: it has to be either nerve, muscle or tendon issues restricting your mobility and causing the pain. Get on the table and let me find the causal area and I will fix it. After ninety tough minutes on the table, I stood up and was instructed to "go home, drink plenty of water and get some rest. Take it easy on the shoulder and within two days the pain will be gone and your mobility will be restored.” In two days, I was miraculously back to normal with just a hint of pain that left within the next day or so. Antoinette is one of the few body workers I have discovered in life that has an inherent sense of the body and an intuitive sense of what the body needs once she puts her hands on you.


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