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Why Do You Want to Provide a Discount?

Buyers constantly seek out special deals and discounts. Locally promoting your deal is a great way to attract attention and introduce your business to new, unique users.
They will initially check out your business because of the special deal, however if they are satisfied with their experience, then they are likely to return. And, perhaps even more importantly, these new customers can become referrals who share their positive experiences with other users.

Why Do You Want To Go Local?

Going local is a great method for your business marketing tactics. It gets your company recognition quickly from people who live in your area. They are likely to trust your business more than a national one because of the familiar location and may even have heard of your before. So, you’re getting one foot in the door already. Now, all you have to do is provide that local deal to the target audience in a compelling way. How do you do that? It’s a cinch when you use

Benefits of Using to Promote Your Local Deals is a great platform for promoting your deal locally! Why? Your business will enjoy many benefits when we feature your deal on-site at, including:

  • Use of an IP-based geo-targeting system that effectively targets local buyers
  • Sharing of your deals with site subscribers
  • Promotion on the most transparent review system available for local users
  • Active feedback about your deals by local users via an on-site communication board
  • Be featured on a platform that encourages users to support the local economy before searching nationwide or globally
  • Be part of a platform that has a high sales conversion rate and fantastic online reputation As you get new genuine customer reviews, by promoting your offers on, you will gain the trust of additional people. With strong trust levels, your business is likely to obtain a high conversion rate.

The CheckTick system encourages users to share their customer experiences. In addition, our professional team offers the option to display those reviews on your business webpage. This technique works perfectly for businesses who are passionate about their clients!
Our focus is primarily - but not limited to – encouraging users to start buying from local providers before searching elsewhere. Regardless of the specific products or services your business provides, having special deals draws customers. When you go local and use, you get the most efficient results from your promotional activities. Sign up today to start your next local promotional campaign!

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