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We Collect Your Order Information Our goal is to generate your customer’s feedback and testimonials in the most efficient, cost-effective, secure and of course verified way. To do so, we need to collect your order information first. We collect order information by: a/ Automatic Process, using API We use API, or application-programming interface, to connect your orders with our system. This is a simple implementation, which can either be performed by your developer or our specialist. Here is the affordable price list for each website framework. b/ Feedback Form, within email or on the web You can link the feedback form to a thank-you email that is sent to your customer after a purchase. When your customer clicks on the link within the email, your customer is sent a feedback form. The completed form is then sent to our system, where we verify the information.

Alternatively, you can place a link to the feedback form on your own website. Your client can leave feedback easily from there.

Both codes are available from your account under the product management > feedback form code link and can be placed into your email and/or on the web within a minute.

Note: We follow strict rules in regard to thesafety and security of your Privacy Policy.
Feedback Request Form As soon as we get your order information via API, we send a request by email to your customers, for their feedback. This is a simple form to describe their satisfaction with the product or service they bought from you. I case you are not using API then this form will be linked to thank you email or can be accessed from your web. Here is an example of the page your customers will see:
We Display Your New Feedback Once we receive feedback for your goods or service, we immediately inform you and display the feedback at our website and your site. At your site, we post a widget on the homepage and details of the reviews on a feedback page. Negative feedback will be displayed only on our system, and you have the right to post a comment about it. This is any feedback received under 60%. Example of feedback displayed on your site’s Home Page:
Example of feedback displayed on your site’s Testimony page:
Example of feedback displayed on your site’s Inner pages:
Example of feedback on website:
We Share Your Successes! We share and use your reviews for Google AdWords campaigns, Google Shopping, Facebook and many other popular online locations. The number and type of places depend on your membership type.
To find out more about where your positive reviews can appear and how your company benefits, please see the how it helps page.

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