HOW HELPS is online marketing provider of verified - transaction based reviews. It generates and promotes your customer reviews.
Did you know that according to a Local Consumer Review Survey (2012), 72% of people said that they trusted online reviews as much as they would if they received personal recommendation? Then, as part of the same survey, 52% agreed that positive reviews would increase their chance of using a local business. Let`s explore what exactly we can do for your business: 1. Reviews will boost your conversion rate
Your sales conversion rate is a key factor that you need to look at if you want to see a decent return on investment from your online marketing campaign. provides a solution that has been proven to increase the average conversion rate from 7% to 35%.

Once genuine verified reviews are placed on your website; unique visitors are much likely to buy from you and that is a fact.
2. Influence usersusing Google to buy from you is not just a verified review generator. It also helps to boost your online profile by sharing and publishing these reviews where it matters the most, on the biggest platform of them all, Google. We promote your reviews via Google Adwords (pay per click) This is an excellent tool for businesses running a pay per click campaign.

For those businesses, using will mean that you see a signi- ficant click through improvement. An increased click through rate will lead to a higher quality score, which means lower cost per click.
Google Organic Search Pages where your reviews are displayed are crawled by Google and visible shortly after we have made the updates in the organic results. So if someone searches your "company name + reviews", they will be easily accessible. The result is just not limited to those terms but visible also via other search results.
Google Shopping (Google Merchant) account Reviews displayed in Google shopping results will increase your click though rate and sales generated from one of the most valuable resources available to any ecommerce business.
3. Influence users on Facebook Our Facebook integration feature lets you share your reviews on the largest social network in the world. Ultimately, this will help you convert your fans into customers!
4. Positive Impact on SEO, Traffic and Ranking Third party genuine, verified reviews are becoming increasingly popular for your search engine optimisation. They are now seen as fresh relevant content supplied for your site, and all search engines are currently paying a lot of attention to unique content. So this has a positive impact on your ranking potential.

Another important SEO factor is your websites bounce rate. Therefore, if you have reviews, which have been proven to lower bounce rate your ranking will increase over time.
5. Increase Sales via Optimisation based on Actual User Experience Many reviews generated on anongoing basis will tell you what clients would like to improve about your service, products and website. These are the most valuable reviews which help to optimise your business correctly.
Why should you take the time to choose CheckTick?
  1. CheckTick compares the competition to see that we are offering a cost-effective price for all our services.
  2. With years of experience in marketing, CheckTick understands every point in this field. This ensures that you have the best chance of increasing your websites ranking and your sales conversion rate as quickly as possible.
  3. With CheckTick, you have an option to show just the positive reviews on your website.Negative reviews will not be displayed, and you have a chance to reply to those clients who posted them to talk to them about the issues they experienced.
  4. We have a lifetime membership that allows you to take advantage of our service for free if your business is of a certain size! For bigger business, we have affordable plans to suit your needs.
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