FAQ FOR BUSINESSES a) Implementation
1) How to implement automated review generation tool?
2) How to implement review generation tool for Serviced-Based business
3) How to create testimony page
b) How to deal with negative reviews 4/ Can I control which feedback becomes visible at my website and which does not? Yes, each merchant decides which reviews to display at their website. Only reviews which receive at least a 50% positive score are eligible for posting at the merchant’s website. 5/ Can I decide which feedback for my business becomes visible at the website and which does not? Merchants cannot make the decision about displaying feedback at Each review is unique and verified using a process activated by the product or service purchase. All reviews, whether negative or positive, display at the website. If you notice any suspicious activities or online discussions claiming that merchants can change the reviews in any way, please notify us via our Contact page. 6/ Am I notified about negative client feedback? Can I reply to user feedback? Yes, all merchants receive notifications by email about any reviews below the 50% satisfaction level. We encourage merchants to read the alerts we send them and to reply to negative feedback using the client contact details embedded in the alert. Note: merchant replies also become visible at our website. 7/ Can rate my company unfairly? does not rate any merchants / companies. Your buyers are solely responsible for your company ratings. The ratings are automatically counted by our system, based on your buyers’ feedback scores. 8/ Where do I find my customer reviews on Google? The feedback that customers provide you may appear in:
Google’s ordinary organic search results
Google Shopping Merchant Reviews
Google AdWords Merchant Reviews

The yellow star ratings in Google Shopping and Google AdWords display through the Google seller rating extensions.
c) Displaying your reviews 9/ How much money does it cost to display my buyer feedback on Google? It is free and is a part of your membership. 10/ Where can I see my feedback? a) Click the “My Feedback” link under the Product Management section of your user profile
b) Then select, "Click here to see your feedbacks”
c) Find all your reviews
11/ How do I reply to feedback? a) Click on “Reply to Feedback” under the Product Management section of your user profile
b) Click on the particular rating you want to respond to
c) Click the “Reply” button and submit your message
d) My account 12/ I forgot my password / my email ID for my account. How do I sign in? If you forgot your password, we can send you a new one. Simply follow these steps:

a) Click “Forgot your password?” on the company login page
b) New password should arrive in your email inbox within one hour

If you forgot which email ID was registered with us, please send a request with your name and company details to and our administrator should reply to you within 48 hours Mon – Fri.
13/ How do I delete my account? Please email and the account will become disabled within 48 hours Mon – Fri. Please note: even if you delete your account, the feedback you received is kept at the platform as you per the Terms and Conditions agreement. e) Prices 14/ How much do I have to pay? You don’t need to pay anything to receive first few reviews however as your reputation and business grows we have following unbeatable plans starting from $29(£18) per month. FOR BUYERS 1/ How do I post a review at To post a review which can be considered as genuine you have to receive a feedback request form by email from a company where you purchased goods or services.

Alternativelly you can sign up as a buyer on our sign-up page. Then search for the company from which you bought the product or service. Click on the Post a Review button on the company’s page. Those reviews will be marked as genuine once they match with the invoice number in our system.

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