Why Your Business Can No Longer Ignore Web Sales Conversion Rate

By | January 6, 2014

Online marketing is one of the fastest moving industries out there. While a few years ago businesses could neglect tweaking their website homepage for conversion rates, this is no longer a possibility.

Business Tips for Sales Conversion Rate

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The Importance of Sales Conversion Rate

So, why has conversion rate become something vital for your business to consider? The answer is fast growing competition in every online segment. The high number of newly launched companies is proof of this trend, as most of these enterprises have an online presence.

Several e-commerce segments are experiencing massive growth as they sell furniture, clothes, gifts, gadgets, and more. Where you were once surrounded by, say, five players (just two years ago), now the competition has doubled, and all of the companies advertise heavily.

What factors should your business consider?

The answer, which is likely to boost web sales conversion rate, is best given in three parts. Let’s break down the details and consider:

1)    The way important information is displayed on your website.

Remember, everyone is busy. If users can’t find what they’re looking for on your website, in just a few seconds, they will likely leave the site. You just lost sales AND your bounce rate increases, which may lower your site’s ranking on search engines.

Given that reasoning, you need to put the most important information at the top of each webpage. In addition, make your site easy to navigate on the web so that end users can find what they need quickly. With that in mind, your likelihood of getting more sales per number of visits increases.

2)    Price & special offers.  

There will probably never be a time when “price & special offers” disappears from the list of the most important things for conversion rate.

Attracting customers for a better sales conversion rate.

When studying leading e-commerce websites, another related phrase often appears: “special offers / deals.” These businesses are able to compromise the profit for certain special items that will drive clients to their websites. The clients may even end up buying other things than the “special offers,” however it was the advertised special deals that initially drew them to the websites.

Using these types of strategies helps you, as a seller, gain awareness among potential consumers who may not even be aware your business exists. And, the strategies also help with sales conversion rate because the potential buyer feels the seller is offering such a great price that he or she doesn’t want to miss out on it!

3)    The third point is TRUST.

After seeing purchase behaviours, we, the CheckTick team, conclude that many times trust is even more important than the price. Let us explain.

If the buyer trusts the company and believes in its products or services, then that person is more likely to pay a premium price to get what the company sells. Or, if not premium, then he or she is at least more likely to make a purchasing decision quickly. Either way, the chances of securing a sale are high.

So, How Do You Gain a Customer’s Trust?

Customer Trust Builds Your Business

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To gain trust and, in turn, drive sales, the best approach is to generate, post and share customer reviews. Unfortunately, even we know that online reviews exist within a slightly corrupted industry. Still, review generation can be genuine; in this case, reviews can provide lots of useful information about products, services and, of course, about your company.

The key here is to choose the right provider for review generation; one that provides you with genuine and verified reviews, with the option to start to generate them for free.

Let’s look at it this way. For most of the leading e-commerce sites, a growing amount of their traffic comes from the key term “company name + reviews.” What does that mean? That tells you that before the average user buys something, they will do a thorough check of whether the seller is genuine. And sometimes, for more experience online shoppers, checks of whether those reviews are genuine is also done.

What we can conclude is providing great, genuine service or products is crucial to your business success and growth. Without these concepts, you simply can’t sustain a company for long within a market full of rising competition. The quality of services and products is rising, and your business needs to be able to meet user demands.

And, as another crucial point, you need to request ongoing feedback from clients about what they like and what they don’t like, in terms of products, services and your company in general. Then, you need to promote those reviews. Doing so is likely to increase your sales conversion rate in 2014 and for years ahead, allowing your business to grow.


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