Why are Genuine Consumer Reviews Important for SEO?

By | January 10, 2014

As you build an SEO campaign for your business, a crucial element to include is consumer reviews. The endorsements are important as search engines often consider them to be fresh content, and they can lower bounce rates considerably too.

Customer Reviews as Fresh Content

Reviews Impact SEO Strategy

SEOPlanter, CC BY 4.0, via Flickr

Regardless of any algorithm changes that occur on popular search engines, one constant that remains is that a consumer review is fresh content. Reviews continue to have high value for your company’s SEO ranking, regardless of search engine modifications. We recently tested and confirmed this concept by updating content on the website. The updates consisted of on-page content, blog posts and new displays of generated reviews.

While many website owners and SEO specialists know the value of on-page content and blogging, few of them, surprisingly, understand the valuable link between genuine consumer reviews and strong SEO. Yes, ranking jumps when there is original webpage content and blog posts, as was found with our recent update in December on Google. That ranking is something you can continue to strengthen by adding genuine customer reviews to your site.

Customer endorsements can count as fresh, original content and valuable source of information for search engines. So, their benefit is not only in strengthening online sales conversion rates and content conversion rates from any marketing channels displaying the reviews, BUT the reviews are also benefiting SEO directly. Note that they do have to be properly structured to achieve the full benefits.

Genuine Customer Reviews Impact Bounce Rates

As many webmasters and SEO specialists are aware, a high bounce rate is a huge killer of SEO ranking these days. However, consumer reviews can help lower those rates, making reviews more important to include on your website than ever before. After all, when you put consumer endorsements on your website, people tend to spend more time there.

ChecTick Understands Consumer Reviews

Consumer Reviews Positively Impact SEO Rank

Why is that? Firstly, people often relate reviews with high credibility. Second, they use the reviews to help them with making purchasing decisions. The time they spend clicking through the webpages directly, and positively, impacts the bounce rate. It has a direct impact on your site ranking.

If this doesn’t sound very significant to you, think again. We have seen websites decline in rankings largely because of high bounce rate. The solution for many websites is to imbed consumer reviews into their webpages; this activity helps sites achieve higher SEO ranking than competitors.

So, yes, genuine customer reviews do positively impact on SEO ranking.

There are none, or at least not many, online review reputation tools that webmasters can use or offer to their clients. The reason is that usually the pricing is too expensive to be fit within the webmaster’s budget. In addition, many review platforms offer limited solutions with low flexibility.

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