Tips for Webmasters: Go Local and Relevant for SEO Strategies

By | January 29, 2014
Go Local and Go Relevant for SEO

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Local is really where it’s at for SEO. At a time when the online industry is growing at a faster pace than ever seen before, it is important for webmasters to develop strong SEO strategies. A great way to do so is to take a local, relevant approach.

Local Registration of Directories and Websites

For webmasters, take a look at the area nearby the client’s company headquarters. What businesses are close by, in terms of physical proximity? Use the places close by to help form a list of directories and websites; with that list, you can then submit the client’s site to the ones you deem most appropriate or relevant.

Find close areas by an online search, a paper directory, or even by word of mouth. For example, word of mouth works when there is a place close by that is so new that it is not yet published in the area’s paper directory.

Relevancy of the Sites and Directories

Building a strong SEO strategy

Use to achieve a strong SEO strategyRelevancy of the Sites and Directorie

As mentioned above, relevancy is also important for webmaster submissions.

The concept here is that adding links to local websites and directories that have nothing to do with the client’s business makes no sense. There needs to be information relevance.

If link submissions are made to irrelevant directories, for example, the client’s website could receive high traffic from those links but they would be from visitors who have no real interest in the client’s products or services. As a result, the visitors quickly leave the site and the bounce rate goes up. Negative results ensue.

Meanwhile, if the submissions of links are to relevant online places, then the client’s site would receive targeted visitors who have a high probability of buying what is offered at the site.

What we learn here is that submissions by webmasters to websites and directories are still valuable, particularly when the registration is to local and relevant online platforms. For relevant traffic, proves time and again that it can boost traffic, SEO, and sales for businesses, regardless of the company sizes. Join now to get started using CheckTick, the online reputation tool that generates and shares consumer reviews effectively on behalf of your company. Let’s get the targeted traffic flowing! Sign Up

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