Putting out the Welcome Mat at CheckTick.com

By | December 13, 2013

Welcome to CheckTick.com

Welcome to the CheckTick.com blog! We, the CheckTick.com team, are proud to put out the welcome mat officially and introduce you to our site. We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a one-of-a-kind online reputation tool. Our platform generates genuine reviews of products or services and promoting existing ones to help both companies and buyers.

Why was CheckTick.com Created?

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CheckTick.com rose out of the desire to create a quality platform where companies can submit reviews from multiple sources to their profile, and to provide insider information to people about the review industry. CheckTick.com does that and so much more!

But Wait, Why is having a Blog Here a Necessity?

This blog is important to show you the realities of the current states of online review industry. Unfortunately, fake reviews have become a substantial issue online.

As you are likely aware, buyers are more likely to invest in new products or services when they read a positive review about it from the customer. However, the issue is that not all online reviews are genuine.

Fake reviews make it difficult for people to trust what they read when researching a product or service to buy potentially, and companies lose credibility.

Who writes these fake reviews? Well, it could be a company owner writing a glowing review about his or her own product under a false name. It could be the owner’s friends or family, whom the owner asked to write positive reviews, even though they have never even tried the product or service.

Alternatively, someone may seek to damage the reputation of a business by writing a bad review about their product.

How our Blog Posts Will Help Your Business

With the issues clear, so is the purpose of CheckTick.com and this blog. The blog will update you on figures about the growing importance of the review industry while contrasting that with the lack of trustworthy reviews currently available online. We will evaluate different review platforms and provide you with research on how reviews are generated.

Yes, we are the first company to provide you information about the quality and trustworthiness of review platforms on the market.

CheckTick.com Benefits

Along with providing you the behind-the-scenes scoop of the review industry, we’ll share more about CheckTick.com features that help your company grow. You’ll get insights into our plans, be aware of any updates, and learn the tricks to grow your business with a strong review base.

We work with you to generate genuine reviews time after time. You see, at the CheckTick.com platform, we post genuine reviews – or we flag them for you if they are suspicious in any way. We generate new reviews from customers who we verify have used your products or services.

Their reviews post to your company’s CheckTick.com profile and any positive reviews post to your site’s Testimonial page. On the Testimonial page, we also display reviews for you from other channels. You can transfer any reviews your company has already received onto the CheckTick.com platform and enjoy the convenience of having all of your reviews under one company profile.

And the Reviews Assist in Generating Traffic to a Company Website?

The genuine positive reviews increase the organic traffic you receive from search engines such as Google, as the reviews show up on results pages. Watch as your online credibility rises faster with CheckTick.com than with any other method on the market.

With the increase in traffic comes a large boost to your sales conversion rate. Remember, people are more likely to buy from you when they trust you and read those genuine reviews.

You also enjoy a positive impact on your SEO, Social Media, and PPC campaigns, and have a professional platform to hold all of your reviews in one place. You can find the full list of benefits on the Companies page.

CheckTick.com Feedback Search Engine

CheckTick -  Feedback Search Engine

What are the Other Benefits of Learning More about Reviews?

For buyers, there are also clear benefits. At our blog, learn ways to determine whether a review is trustworthy or not. Was it really written by a customer and does it contain valuable information?

Buyers can use CheckTick.com for free as a valuable feedback search engine tool. Simply search for a company, product or service in the search box and pull up the pertinent information.

And So…

We are excited to touch base with you on a weekly basis with insights into the review industry in posts here at our blog! In the meantime, feel free to peruse CheckTick.com and find out more about the process we use to obtain genuine reviews. Find out how it works, as you click easily through the pages.

Want to get started now? Take advantage of the lifetime membership available for FREE to companies only until January 14, 2014. Now that’s a great way to ring in the New Year!

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