Recent Study Shows Staggering Number of Consumers Read Online Reviews

By | July 16, 2014

Consumers are flocking to online reviews more and more before they make purchases. This detail gets confirmation from WebProNews in their summary of BrightLocal’s recent Local Consumer Review Study. The staggering results clearly show that online reviews are more important than ever to people, providing support for tool that generates new, genuine reviews for businesses.

As WebProNews explains, 32 percent of surveyed people have searched online for a local business within the last 12 months, which is more than the 28 percent in 2013. Chances are good that these people are doing research before making a purchase and confirming the business is trustworthy. In fact, 88 percent of people confirmed the primary reason they read reviews was to find out the quality of the company. That number is higher than in 2013, when it was 85 percent.

Another study finding to note is regarding the number of reviews that consumers read to feel satisfied as to the trustworthiness of a company (and in turn make a purchase). A staggering 85 percent of surveyed people said they read 10 or fewer reviews in their search for whether to buy from a local company.

That means that your business will benefit greatly by having over ten positive genuine reviews. If a consumer looks through several reviews and finds mainly negative ones, that would be offputting and likely prevent him or her from making a purchase. Businesses, therefore, must be aware of their online reputations to be successful, and that applies to more than just local companies.

Your business, whether it has a local focus or not, needs to take the staggering numbers explained here and understand what they reveal: the bottom line is online reviews can positively or negatively impact your online credibility with consumers. That credibility rating plays a major role in whether someone decides to buy from you or a competitor instead.

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