How Transparency Can Improve Your Online Sales Conversion Rate

By | January 29, 2014
Use Transparent Approaches to Increase Sales Conversion

Turn online leads into sales.
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For sales conversion rate to be strong, obviously you want to take leads and turn them into sales. The leads or potential customers are more likely to buy your products and services than competitors when they trust your company and what you sell. To gain that trust, transparency is crucial.

What does Transparency Mean?

Transparency exists on a few levels in the relationship between customers and companies. It can refer to the openness of the company’s transactions, such as making public its yearly profits, how it gathers data and its Privacy Policy. That way customers see the inside workings of the company, and that they have nothing to hide in their operations.

Being clear or transparent in approach also refers to the products or services you provide. Do you provide a list on your packaged items of everything in them and answer frequently asked questions about the items on your website? These are the kinds of things many customers like to see, as having a lot of information about a company helps them feel knowledgeable and prepared in their purchasing decisions. Armed with knowledge, they are more likely to believe they are making sound purchases and thus go to the online checkout to buy your products or services. Overall, they believe in your business credibility too.

Magnifying Glass for Business Transparency

A transparent business earns a strong sales conversion rate.
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How Transparency Increases Conversion Rate

Remember, no one just wants to throw away their hard-earned money, no matter how small the transaction might be. Provide the information your customers want to feel more secure in their purchases, and they are more likely to see it through. In turn, a significant number of your website visitors are more likely to turn into customers. While your site traffic may already be high, you want to ensure that the traffic translates into sales.

Being transparent in your business practices also strengthens online sales conversion rate because you are more likely to bring in targeted traffic. You are providing relevant product- and service-related information when you market online transparently; this action helps brings visitors who to your site who are more likely to want to have what you’re selling. They are relevant. As a result, your conversion level increases or stays strong.

While transparency is important, keep in mind that it is only one factor that can affect your business online sales conversion rate. Other considerations include price and trust.