How Important Will Genuine Consumer Reviews Be in Your 2014 Marketing Strategy?

By | January 3, 2014
Marketing and consumer reviews

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With recent changes to online marketing and SEO configurations, every unique visitor is even more valuable than ever before to a website – especially for an e-commerce one. For many online shops and e-commerce websites, the year 2013 was a transitional one, with some companies faring more positively at end of the year than others, due to the changes.

Significant Online Changes in 2013

The main reasons for the ups and down in 2013 were:

1)      The US and UK saw what was likely the highest number of start-ups since the 2007 recession, and since the online shopping and marketing boom began. In many cases, this means that where once we could see 20 direct competitors, we now see double that, even in niche markets. This trend has been difficult, even for professional marketers.

2)      In addition, there was a multiple Google algorithm update in 2013. This likely has impacted on the vast majority of e-commerce websites – small and large. The updates have included different type of results, with more results for Google local listings and paid ads, as well as more results from directories like Gumtree and social media platforms. As a result, these are less space on Google’s first page than in the past decade for small and medium web business owners who previously depended on the use of this advertising space.

Both of the above factors have significantly impacted online marketers in 2013. Unless they have found alternative routes for promoting their websites quickly, then they are out of the game!

Alternatives for Your 2014 Marketing Strategy

The customer review is vital

By R. Jason Brunson, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

There are alternative ways how to keep quality traffic flow and more precisely, to convert that traffic into sales. The key is to promote genuine consumer reviews. These customer reviews are constantly gaining importance, bringing value to consumers as well as businesses.

It’s no wonder as market research shows that 80% of consumers trust consumer reviews as much as a personal recommendation, as per the BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey of 2013 that focused on North America. As a result, genuine consumer reviews will easily become a “must have” for online businesses in 2014.

The problem, however, is that most of the platforms on the market are not allowing for the generation of genuine, verified reviews – plus, many sites offer reviews for prices that are out of the price range affordable by small and medium web owners and online marketers.

Why use Genuine Consumer Reviews?

Why is it important to generate only genuine reviews? A high number of companies have, in the past, been discredited by negative reviews from their competitors, who posted fake positive reviews. These fake write-ups were often written by online marketers rather than real clients.

With the value of genuine consumer reviews clear, it’s important to integrate them into your business marketing strategy for the New Year. A great way to jump-start your 2014 strategy is to use the CheckTick platform. The online reputation tool there is FREE to start for small businesses, with very affordable licences for medium-sized businesses. Simply go to to sign up as a company, or contact us there for a partnership within our Reseller Program. We look forward to hearing from you today! Feedback Search Engine