Consumer Review Issues Make Breaking News: Our Take on the Latest Article

By | March 12, 2014
The Wrong Way for Marketing is to Use False Customer Reviews

Fake Customer Reviews are the Wrong Way to Do Business. (Image: Pixabay, Public Domain)

A recent article from WebProNews has caught our eye. While the article focuses on the review platform Yelp, we see the article as being a confirmation of many of the bigger consumer review issues we have discussed in our posts here at the CT Insider.

For example, the article brings to light whether many online customer reviews are genuine or not. Also, it questions how we know whether a review is genuine or not. Yes, these are questions we have asked and given tips on over the past few months.

As the article is published by WebProNews, a website well known for covering top online marketing news, we take that to mean that consumer reviews continue to be a relevant, important issue. Yes, we concur. The article gives us motivation at CheckTick to continue our journey to generate legitimate consumer reviews using our unique software.

Why is the review issue important? We understand that many shoppers use consumer reviews as a vital part of buying decisions, and providing easy access to real information to make those decisions is important. Fake reviews only hinder that buying process.

And so, we continue in our CheckTick journey with a goal to strengthen the integrity of the consumer review industry – and to provide you with the latest consumer review insider news.