Another Fake Customer Review Profile – What does it Look Like?

By | February 26, 2014
Customer Profile - fake or not?

Is the customer profile a fake one?

As we previously discussed, many customer review profiles that are online are fake. It is part of the sad reality of consumer reviews today. We recently came across another unsuccessful company producing false reviews and here were a few details we noted about them.

In this particular profile example, we learned the company* is hiring writers to produce positive reviews and post them, with the goal to beat the real consumer’s online testimonials. Did we mention that the real reviews are primarily negative? So, they want to beat the negative ones to achieve a more favorable online standing. In reality, the more productive, ethical method would be to improve customer service and produce quality products instead, of course.

In our opinion, this type of company may be the worst because they provide dishonest and unprofessional services and try to beat out complaints by posting positive fake reviews. The hired reviewers are fairly easy to spot as they write 100% positive reviews with long blocks of text about how great the company is.

With real customers, however, even glowing endorsements are usually just a few sentences long. Plus, a reviewer is highly unlikely to give 5 star ratings to every single company and product they write about.

As we come across these unethical companies, we stop to ask, “How many of them are there?”


*Please note that CheckTick never discloses business names as we prefer to travel the high road. Besides, their fraudulent ways will not succeed, regardless of whether we give the names or not.


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