Consumer Review Issues Make Breaking News: Our Take on the Latest Article

A recent article from WebProNews has caught our eye. While the article focuses on the review platform Yelp, we see the article as being a confirmation of many of the bigger consumer review issues we have discussed in our posts here at the CT Insider. For example, the article brings to light whether many online […]

Another Fake Customer Review Profile – What does it Look Like?

As we previously discussed, many customer review profiles that are online are fake. It is part of the sad reality of consumer reviews today. We recently came across another unsuccessful company producing false reviews and here were a few details we noted about them. In this particular profile example, we learned the company* is hiring […]

What Type of Reviews are the Most Valuable?

Genuine consumer reviews can be a valuable resource for potential buyers. These reviews provide information and experience about a product or service, and can be also a great tool for businesses. Companies, for example, can analyse reviews to find ways to improve their customers’ experiences or improve the actual product or service. For Consumers, a […]

How Transparency Can Improve Your Online Sales Conversion Rate

For sales conversion rate to be strong, obviously you want to take leads and turn them into sales. The leads or potential customers are more likely to buy your products and services than competitors when they trust your company and what you sell. To gain that trust, transparency is crucial. What does Transparency Mean? Transparency […]

Tips for Webmasters: Go Local and Relevant for SEO Strategies

Local is really where it’s at for SEO. At a time when the online industry is growing at a faster pace than ever seen before, it is important for webmasters to develop strong SEO strategies. A great way to do so is to take a local, relevant approach. Local Registration of Directories and Websites For […]

Do Positive and Negative Reviews Cause Changes in SERP Rankings?

Even though our last post is more or less about the same topic, we decided to share an interesting question and feedback that we just received from our friend and “SEO Guru” Mike, who runs the company Webpage Design Kentucky. When I sent him the latest version of, he replied as follows: “Very interesting concept. […]

Why are Genuine Consumer Reviews Important for SEO?

As you build an SEO campaign for your business, a crucial element to include is consumer reviews. The endorsements are important as search engines often consider them to be fresh content, and they can lower bounce rates considerably too. Customer Reviews as Fresh Content Regardless of any algorithm changes that occur on popular search engines, […]

Why Your Business Can No Longer Ignore Web Sales Conversion Rate

Online marketing is one of the fastest moving industries out there. While a few years ago businesses could neglect tweaking their website homepage for conversion rates, this is no longer a possibility. The Importance of Sales Conversion Rate So, why has conversion rate become something vital for your business to consider? The answer is fast […]

How Important Will Genuine Consumer Reviews Be in Your 2014 Marketing Strategy?

With recent changes to online marketing and SEO configurations, every unique visitor is even more valuable than ever before to a website – especially for an e-commerce one. For many online shops and e-commerce websites, the year 2013 was a transitional one, with some companies faring more positively at end of the year than others, […]

How Can You Spot a Fake Review?

   Reviews are a valuable source of direct consumer experience about a product or service on the market. Consumer reviews can alert you to pitfalls or advantages which you haven’t been aware of. That’s why their popularity has been growing fast over recent years. However, while reviews are important, there are a high number of […]